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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pushing my food blog

At the doctors office for something routine today,
i could not help but notice all the magazines on food, most as the primary component.
I thought about this blog and thought, "just what the heck am i thinking?"

A billion or so cooks, 
a million or so chefs
and all these magazines...

who am I to think i can add anything to such a wealth of knowledge?
But i can, if i stick to what i know and what is, well, me!
What is that?
Born of a French Father and a Greek mother - those foods should not collide and be mixed,
but each is special.
Growing up in Texas - very unique,
yet there is much German influence in the smoked meats (my dad was Alsatian, very similar)
and then i have a long time exposure
to some really old school Italian families,
some friends who are Hispanic
and some who are Indian.
I do not mix,
but there is something to be learned and shared from each.

Then there is my professional calling, as a chemist, one i did well for over 36 years and that truly makes me unique.
So with no further ado, i bring you my next post:

 back tracking a bit
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