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Monday, March 24, 2014

What can i say the lights shines about me now

I traveled in darkness too long,
it was cold and lonely.
It was not because of winter,
though that did not help.
It was not because of others,
though they did not help.
Not because of "loves',
nor friends,
nor family...
It was because of me.
For a time too long,
even my posts have been twinged with something dark,
self pity.
Perhaps the most evil thing i can think of,
because, it, above all others,
robs us of joy and love and hope.
It is a funny thing, those in my community have tried to speak it out,
attempted to pull me out,
but only i can make that choice,
they just let me know that it was there.
Oh so many reasons to feel that darkness,
to embrace it and call it my own.
And one good reason to leave it behind,
"Joy comes in the morning" it is written
and so it is
for i woke with a song in my heart,
thankfulness on my lips
and light shining all around.
The darkness has been broken
and the light shines again.
For this i am extreemely grateful.

You probably will not see me here for a bit,
but all is okay,
the night is done.

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