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Monday, April 14, 2014

morning reflections

I have a favorite song that i listen to daily.
It will never be on the radio,
for it comes from a community church i was involved in many years ago.
It is based in an old testament prophet, Isaiah.
the title is "Who has measured the waters in the Hollow of His hand" by the fisherfolk.
It is a song of hope and humility
and i need a daily does of this,
for it reminds me that if   say i understand, i am being fooled.
If i say i know, i am being fooled.
If it is clear, then i am missing something.
This life is not certain,
nor is it clear
and we each try to get trough it the best that we can
and we fail regularly
and that is okay,
we just need to get up and try again.
You can listen to this CD here,
there is no "video", but rather this is from the community of celebration website.
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