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Sunday, April 13, 2014

woke up this morning

again my heart was singing!
So many places i have been,
so many people have touched me,
my heart that is.
I lite a candle a few Sundays ago
and grief that had been held in my heart,
rose up and overwhelmed me for a moment
and then was gone.
Holding on so tightly to what was no more,
it felt so go to let it go.
So many have gone away from this life
and yet they remain in my heart.
Letting go is never easy,
but necessary.
A good day indeed
and it is warm here in the Northeast for a third day.
My memory seems to have become weird,
short term is good, maybe great,
Long term (save those few years lost after the operation) is great,
but mid-term, that seems to be developing (or maybe it always was?) holes.
Blogging is sometimes hard,
but this is not.
Yes, there are dark spots in my mind,
but i see good from all of it.
Some actions have not been the best of choices,
but the end result has been for the best.
God still lives, not matter what i think.

Did you know that this is not the complete morning thought i had,
for my heart sings it once and then goes to another tune!
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