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Friday, May 30, 2014

An Introduction

The Joy of Work
a recounting of my days at the lab

I wanted to start at the beginning, but the beginning did not make sense if one did not know the end.

And so here i was in a beautiful place, well decorated with a multitude of people.  This was a lavish affair and it was not really for me.  I just happened to retire at the same as two other politically connected persons and it would have been an embarrassment not to include me in the goings on.
Thirty three years, plus a few months, with the same employer.  Three other years after i graduated college with four different companies and two years and two jobs while i was in college, so a total of thirty eight years doing what i loved.
Yes, you heard correctly, i was one of the lucky ones who got to work at what i loved.
Speakers, so many and some admitted they knew nothing about me.  Others tried to make something up.  I was not a person to care about a spot light even now at the end.
Yes, my working as a chemist was over and i was very glad, i had run my course and it was time to go.
There was music, a dancer and more speakers.
A slide show and then gifts, i felt embarrassed, there was no reason for all of this for me.  Those closest to me realized what i did and sat back and enjoyed the show, so i did also.
The title of this, my last job, was mentioned several times by those that did not know me.  I am sure they were confused, why was this laboratory technician, getting any attention?  The title was not indicative of what i did and the people in the personnel department and my bosses realized that, none of them were there though.  I wanted a change in the title many years back, but they just gave me more money instead and i let it go.
The state officials who used my work to craft policy were not there, neither were the US EPA or FDA officials, also persons with whom my work was familiar.
I asked myself why i came on this journey and why was it finishing like this?
It was appropriate, for i did not seek attention, only what was correct and i stepped on a lot of toes because of it.
More presentations for the other two and then food for all, so i was not totally bored. 
I did not get into this profession for praise and glory, but to satisfy a deep, deep hunger within me.  The affair ended and there was much congratulations and shaking of hands.  I sought refuge with my deepest friends and left.

Now i can go to the beginning.

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