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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

lessons learned

That pain,
that hurt, that you misunderstood.
The silence that now reigns,
the confusion that i see,
did not start with you,
why are you in it at all
and why did you not come,
to even ask if what was said was true.
The anger should have clued you in,
for i was silent as the other railed against me
and you did not seek me out.
You knew me longer and said you knew me,
but you believed what was said,
but never asked me.
Lessons learned,
i want to be angry at you,
but i retreat from that,
I forgive and spell it out.
I do not hold it against you
and make supplication for you.
I am still approachable,
but perhaps not for long
and what will happen to me,
will not be punishment,
but a gift.

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