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Saturday, May 10, 2014

the other side of the coin

I woke,
not with the trauma of the other morning,
but in a peaceful, quiet way.
I was taken some where,
did i fall back to sleep?
i had not left my bed.
I was taken to a grassy knoll,
by some one gentle and kind
and the place overlooked a large field,
filled with people.
I wanted to ask; "why am i here?",
but there was a gentle nudge assuring me all was okay.
My mom was there
and i hear a voice, not hers, say to me,
"Love never ends".
I looked out on the throng of people
and i realized i recognized...
all of them!
Each we had exchanged a piece of our hearts at one time or another.
Some, for longer periods of time.
Some for brief instances.
They where there for me
and for some reason i had been elevated.
i did not understand,
except the multitude of people,
who i could not count,
seem to acknowledge this also.
My Dad appeared
and i apologized for only being a "Burger flipper".
My dad laughed and said this was a great honor here.
Time resumed and i was back in my bed,
feeling wonderful,
but pondering everything greatly.

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