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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A chance encounter

A situation that looked bleak,
she left at the beginning of my trauma,
maybe she could not deal,
but she left when I need someone like her the most.
Years later,
a chance meeting,
showed how angry I still was,
it was after my mother's passing and
she asked after my mother.
She who had inadvertently left
my mom to fend for herself,
when she left me.
More years pass,
I do not carry the anger
and I hear that she is not doing well,
I think only good things,
wishing her the best in my heart.
almost 6 years now
and we met again
and I am kind,
wishing her well,
face to face.
no animosity,
no anger,
only wanting the best.
I will take it.

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