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Thursday, July 3, 2014

morning time

I enjoy waking up early in the summer,
not the winter.
Some days it is before anyone else,
in the semidarkness of the dawn.
i sit on our front porch ,
without my glasses.
I do not really see because of that,
but i sense motion
and hear as the world comes to life.
Birds chittering,
squirrels chattering
and then footsteps of people,
No one talks yet,
that comes later,
but they hustle off to start a busy day.
Cars start and the world is coming to life.
Those with whatever anger still fills there heart,
have done their mischief,
except they missed their intended mark,
they only hurt themselves.
I have finished my coffee and am not longer tired,
but the rectangular flower box is but a square to my eyes.
It is time to get up and see the world put back together again.

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