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Thursday, October 16, 2014


i have been very quiet,
as of late.
My heart seemed, no longer to beat
nor did it speak,
for it laid hidden,
from the storm that i had to pass through.
The seasonal rains,
which seem to come later now,
have helped revive me,
The colors of this season,
as short as they may be,
red, and golds and various hues of orange and yellow,
glisten in the dampness of the rain.
The portion of the ordeal that was up to me,
is over,
now i wait.
Waiting seems to be the easy part.
Who could paint only watercolor because anything else took to long to dry?
learned well those months in the hospital,
some six years past.
I still bear the scares from that ordeal,
scars that will never heal,
but today,
I continue on,
loving the warm Autumn,
with rain pouring out of the sky.
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