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Friday, January 2, 2015

creeping in

my brain says :
"It is not that bad out, yet!",
but my hands and feet,
they feel it.
the thing i dislike most in winter time,
the cold.
My fingers feel it first
and i don gloves.
My toes,
wrapped in shoes
and socks,
cry out for heavier socks,
but then succumb,
to that creeping numbness.
The dark does not bother me so much,
even when i can not see the stars,
but cold of any kind is tough on me.
My mind follows,
once the fingers and toes feel it
and all is lost.
The darkness that follows is not of lack of light,
but of the absence of hope,
for all feels desolate and barren.
Christmas time is over
and bleak mid winter is upon us.
"It is not as bad as last year!"
my mind screams in desperation,
"There is not snow on the ground, still!"
Again my mind attempts to regain a rational footing,
byt my heart has gone down a slippery slope
and only the fresh air of Spring will revive it.

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