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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

a bit, no a lot of light

those liars,
they said if i spoke their name
or brought them to the light,
they would live.
Ugly, misshapen things,
they were,
born from hurt and despair so long ago,
yet multiplied with each hurtful thing.
In the dark they grew strong.
Letting go,
not believing the lies,
they are banished from my life.
and love,
were much stronger than they
and they have died
and lost their power,
coming into the light of day.
How often do we believe such lies?
How often are we told,
it can not be changed
and yet,
to our chagrin,
it does as long as we are willing.
Nothing can not be changed,
nothing can not be made better.
There is always something more
and still more to be thankful for.
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