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Saturday, February 28, 2015

i have to wonder about me

I have been quite,
too quite.
The cold
and snow
and ice,
freeze my heart
and so words do not come tumbling out.
They strain to take form
as if in a state of suspended animation
or hibernation.
I am witnessing wondrous things inside,
where it remains warm.
Fruit on a citrus tree,
mocks the piled up snow.
Flowers on a plant,
i have known as an impatient,
blooms profusely,
as does a geranium.
Other citrus seedlings are popping out
and will become more trees,
defying the climate out side.
It is hard for me to go any where.
My blood freezes just looking out the door
and though the house is warm,
i feel a chill in my bones.
i now see fee people
and that makes me unhappy.
There are those that rescue me
and for that i am grateful.
This does not last forever
and soon will be but a faded memory,
washed away by green growing plants,
colors and scents of flowers
and people no longer rushing passed,
but lingering to chat awhile.

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