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Thursday, March 26, 2015

funny stuff

Years ago, from a Jewish co-worker, I learned to like Matzos.
yes, that makes me strange, but not funny, but...
I have 2 dogs that at times are very particular about what they eat, yet now that i brought Matzos in the house for me to eat, they are begging for a taste ...all the time.  Are they Jewish?

More fun because it was over 40 for 2 days in a row and there is a light rain and i am feeling like gardening, but not out side yet.  I have a small, but very effective greenhouse window and that is how i start seeds.
Basil, parsley, Italian hot peppers and then came my finale, ghost peppers.
Yes, i like things hot.  My Indian friends say i am the only white person they know who can keep up with the spice that use and that includes the heat!
Mistake one - I handled the seeds my hand.
mistake two - after washing my hands, i had lunch - a sandwich and the heat was still there...so not touching my eyes!
mistake three - I breath in while planting the seeds and began a coughing fit because of the level of heat.
I never do learn, do i?
Otherwise things are doing okay.
I have been going to a writing group at the church I attend on Wednesdays and am almost finished my memoir about the time working.
then i will look for a place to publish it.
It has been an exciting journey going through my tattered memory and finding the gems that made my work enjoyable.
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