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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Strange thoughts

What to do when we face the extinction of "ME".
for ages (almost 7 years now), 
i thought i was the only one,
not knowing, 
what was coming around each corner,
struggling each day,
just to be.
oh, so very slowly,
i recognized, 
that each of us goes though the same struggle,
every day.
Each of us is given a choice:
to live or
to give up.
i have seen many people, 
who still live today,
but gave up 
and are dead inside.
I have not given up,
but some days i am overwhelmed
and want to.
I have not though
and so each morning, 
brings a promise,
of something better,
Not yesterday
or tomorrow,
but only for today.
it is for only now,
that the promise is given.
I am okay with that.

Just a taste - ready for spring

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