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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

observations though a day

The morning,
snowy and cold,
numbed my mine.
Not again,
for it came down in a torrent,
but only for a while.
darkness and snow,
though the sun was up,
but unseen.
I waited,
did things that need done
and wasted the rest of the morning.
For no reason,
my eyes strayed to the door,
the clouds had parted
and the sun came out.
Still cold,
i rushed,
as best as i can rush now,
to open the door.
the birds were singing!
The cold of what was the morning,
was gone.
Still a chill in the air,
though past noon,
i ventured out.
The sun dispelled the remaining clouds
and i laughed.
i could feel the Spring,
for the first time.
The snow of morning had gone
and most of the old snow,
from a bitter February,
was also melting.
The garden. long unattended,
beckoned me
and so I cleaned.
i could feel the sap in the tree,
begin to waken,
bringing slight color to the branches,
life to what looked dead.
This is the season, isn't it?
The season we all celebrate,
life coming from what appeared dead.

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