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Saturday, April 18, 2015

it took a bit to digest

At this point i have not written about the doctor visit that had me so nervous..
there were things i needed to discuss and hope to understand.
A while back i had one incident which concerned me...
I was walking over a small gully and i looked down to ensure that i would have my footing correct.
the problem was that when i looked down, i did not recognize what i was seeing...for a moment, but the fact that i was unable to recognize grass for a moment struck me.
I also realized this happen a lot, but for only micro moment so that i do not usually notice it.
it happened when i change the direction of my focus.
I was hoping for a quick "fix"...information that would help me immediately.
what i got was direction and more doctor visits...did i tell you i hate doctor visits...
first step is to get the neurophycologist report from September, then to get them to the doctor i saw, the neurologist and another doctor who has helped me in other matters in this adventure of mine.
Am i happy?
i want all of this over,
every fiber of my being wants it to end!
but i am not done yet.
A small break and will pursue this next path...
and this is my story.
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