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Thursday, April 9, 2015

living with restrictions

It has almost been seven years,
since they dug into the back of my head,
to remove that nasty tumor.
The trauma and consequences,
still ring freshly in my mind.
There are so many things that i can no longer do,
but it does not mean there are not more that i can.
those leave a bitter taste on my tongue.
that seems better.
It is like my eyesight,
it is not poor,
it is different...
i see like a cross-eyed cat
or sometimes i like the analogy to a spider,
whose eyes give them eight images,
that they can not put together.
The lack of balance,
so that i mostly use a cane to keep myself from falling,
still allows a fall...
or two within a week.
I get around,
walking as much as the weather permits,
doings "things"
and writing,
oh how i love writing,
as much as i enjoyed reading...before.
A dark cloud passes over my face,
because reading is now hard
and even painful to my eyes.
This passes for there is much more for me to do,
that i can still do
and creativity is foremost on my mind.

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