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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Multiple things

Today, i realized that i was using my right hand more than i have in the past 7 years.
For a significant time after the operation, i was ambidextrous.
This spoke to me more about which side of my brain is also predominate
and it tells me why i have been having so much trouble finding peace.
That other side is my emotional, spiritual and spontaneous side.
It has gotten me in trouble before, but if both sides coexist there is less of an issue with "trouble".

he second part is concerning the current "political" topic of marriage equality.
I try to stay out of such things, but kept wanting to respond in a strong way to certain view points.
I am not "gay", but i congratulated others who were, this is a legal hurtle that will help them.

Then i was convicted about how i wanted to respond to others, because it never is about others, it is about what God does in our life.

I was drawn to 2 statements in a series that i try to live by.
The first is:
Humility loves in the face of unlove.  It empowers us to be self-effacing; it allows us to consider others better than ourselves.
Humility does not remonstrate or agitate; it quietly confirms a man can die to himself.

The final is the second great commandment Jesus spoke of - to love our neighbors as our selves.

This does not allow for my desire to strike out at anyone, for any reason.

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