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Saturday, June 27, 2015

the questions that come

I am working in the garden,
before the big rains come,
that have been predicted.
They have yet to be correct,
but i pull weeds
and harvest my crops.
My first tomato,
more lettuce,
Swiss chard
and dill weed.
The garden is full of aromatics:
and flowers.
Each fill my nostrils
with their delectable aroma
and today was dills turn.
As my head is filled,
with the aroma of freshly picked dill,
my heart calms again.
My mind slows
and my thoughts are calm.
"What is it that i am having so much trouble with?"
Is it coming back from that place of ultimate rest?
Or is it the struggles,
that occur daily,
just to continue on?
I have no complete answer,
but believe it is a bit of both.
I let the aroma of the dill overwhelm my senses
and leave the question alone,
becoming lost the the deliciousness,
that the dill brings to me.
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