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Friday, June 26, 2015

removing me

I swear,
i have tried to close down
and leave this place,
but "things" keep holding me back..
It is not people,
okay some what,
because I can't quite take care of my self,
on my own,
but no one seems to believe that.
I know though,
it is not a ride.
not the company,
but being there when i fall
and how often i fall!
There are a never ending series,
of doctor appointments,
that i must keep.
Then there is just being tired,
from one moment
to the next.
It takes energy to move
and some times i do not have the strength of will.
They try to tell me that were i want to go,
will be no better,
yet i know that "there",
i have purpose
and "here" i am floundering.
So i guess i should remove the me
and move on.
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