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Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to the adventure - seven year have passed

It has been seven years,
yes, you read correctly,
seven years since THE operation.
That one that changed the course of my life,
that changed me, physically,
more more importantly,
emotionally and Spiritually.
I do not write much about all of that,
it is that personal,
it simply is not for everyone's eyes.
I have more peace and tho i would not call my self content,
i am okay, in a positive manner.
The "waves" of life seem to disturb me less.
A doctor call last night,
(Correct, Sunday night),
concerning tests performed.
Most was fine,
but there were a few issues and questions.
The MRI/MRA were normal,
but there is a suggestion to go to a cardiologist because of some of the results
and some of my reports of things that have been going on.
I was told that in what i call the old testament,
one of the prophets talked about God's spiritual gifts.
One of them caught my ear...wonderment!
I have that all my life
and now it is in full gear,
churning and working
and being amazed...
where will my adventure take me next?
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