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Sunday, August 16, 2015

When will they ever learn?

My apologies to Peter, Paul and Mary.
This was going to be labeled "My Saturday Evening Post",
but i could not do it last night
and the title: "Sunday Evening Post" did not seem so dramatic.
It is good that i waited,
it brought me reflection, instead of anger
and reflection makes more sense to me at this point in my life.
The point you ask?
What in the world could i be going on about like this?
The waiting period was over,
the Cherry trees slated for destruction are gone
and now the concrete and metal "playground" of a carousel will happen.
The words of still another song for Joni Mitchell echo in my mind:
"Tear down paradise and put up a parking lot."
No this is not a parking lot,
but it is what we seem to like doing,
tear down the old, make it as if it is not
and put up something new,
which in a few short years,
will also be "old".
It does not matter
and as a friend says to me often;  :It is what it is".
SO be it.
I am not angry,
a bit sad, because the price of progress seems to never include the old,
but rather destroy it.
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