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Thursday, August 20, 2015

morning rush

stepping out side,
of my air conditioned home,
I am struck,
by what has been hidden from me,
through out the night.
The Air,
warm and moist,
with a delightful breeze;
brings me some where else
and a time far away.
Drifting white, puffy clouds,
becoming just illuminated,
by the sun rising,
as it always does,
bringing its early morning light.
I am brought to a seashore,
so far away
and i should be carrying a fishing pole,
but i am not.
i wander,
instead through the garden,
picking the vegetable delights.
A mosquito buzzes my ear,
as i move through the lush green.
It is trapped,
not by my hand,
but by a spider's web,
that i have broken through.
She now can forgive my indiscretion,
of breaking her web,
for she has food enough.
I returned to my artificial world,
inside my home
and the bubble of memories past,

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