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Thursday, September 3, 2015

i speak in nonsense riddles

of apple sauce and dandelions.
It makes no sense of course,
but i am happy.
The last few months of doctor visits
and laboratory test
and people poking and prodding,
came up with one simple answer...
No not the new age thing,
but something much simpler.
The physical therapist reacted strongly,
when I spoke of the twisting of my sight
and loosing balance
and of falling.
My lack of balance was apparent,
but a light bulb went on in her head
and so she manipulated my head
and later explained;
calcium carbonate crystals,
can form in the inner ear canal
and may stay there,
disrupting one's sense of balance.
TWO sessions,
ONLY two,
cleared my head.
My balance came back to something akin to normal
or as much as it can be with the vision i have.
My brain cleared
and i could think clearly again.
I still get tired quicker than most,
i do not try any thing complex,
after i get tired,
but what was happening before is gone.
And the solution was simple!
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