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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

slipping in

I find it wonderful how they come slipping in,
reminding us of the times together,
the Love only a mother can have.
I am comforted greatly
and my heart is at rest.
That issue of Love,
has been on my heart as of late.
I wonder why so many run from it,
but i think i know,
love is eternal
and passes all boundaries.
Because of this ,
we run,
we hide,
we get angry
and do violence against that
which we can not destroy.
This has been much on my mind as of late.

Of course,
the garden is being put to bed.
The garden which is temporal,
but will return,
it makes me think of things that pass away
and so my mind goes to other things.
I remember "feeling",
not seeing the ripeness of the fruits
and greedily picking all i could find,
then sharing with neighbors and friends,
to the delight of all.
That is over now
and so my busy season has come to an end.

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