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Sunday, January 31, 2016

a study in brokenness and Humility

Brokenness is responding in faith when the situation clearly offers defeat;  it is overcoming the hurt and refusing the anger by a beloved's insensitivity.

This has been on my heart,
we all feel that hurt,
in any of our relationships.
The insensitive remark,
the callous action,
that wants our heart to break
and even more,
wants retaliation,
Even though it is no fault of their own.
A delicate subject,
for those of us who have lost someone,
to death.
We hold them accountable,
for leaving us,
without them.
That insensitive act..
and we get to forgive
and for some of us,
to believe that this is only temporary,
that the time is short,
that we will be reunited again.
Just stop.
stop making the shallow words,
the troubled actions.
Just love
and look beyond.

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