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Friday, January 1, 2016

strangeness, but in a good way

I have felt different,
as of late.
As if some dark chain,
that was dragging me down,
is gone.
It has been seven years ow,
since that operation
and the subsequent issues happened.
I remember New Years day,
not being able to swallow,
the meal I cooked,
being always exhausted.
What has happened.
The blackness is gone.
My recovery,
which i labeled my adventure,
feels like it is coming to a close.
A brief two years past,
I thought I was done,
weighed down with issue and problem,
after issue and problem,
I wanted to leave,
go away.
far from this mortal coil,
but not lately.
Is this hope i speak of?
Yes, something i had forgotten existed,
hope springs anew.
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