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Monday, March 14, 2016


my emotions run high,
this morning,
but i must have patience.
Chaos rules the morning,
as other housemates
and the dog also,
flit about,
creating vortexes and black holes.
It is not peaceful.
I want to go back to my dream,
the one i woke up to this morning.
I was lead there by a younger me,
on a small bike
and the garage door opened
and my dad came home.
It has been twenty years,
since he passed,
but never before,
until this year,
have i felt his presence so strong.
Taller than i,
i looked up to him,
but never knew his approval until after,
when i found all those letters to his family,
about me.
Written in French,
I found i could read them,
tho I did not truly know the language.
He drove in to the drive in my favorite car,'a '55 Chevy
and in the back seat,
hanging part way out the window,
was my dog of many years,
at that address.
we called him.
In this dream,
he was but a pup.
then there were two other dogs,
from now.
One had passed,
one is still with me.
They were also pups.
I note from my mom told us she would be back soon.
My dad hugged me
and i woke up crying.
The tears were but sad,
because I missed him
and joyful,
for i felt loved.

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