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Thursday, April 28, 2016


in the past,
i thought i knew what suffering was.
i was mistaken.
in the past,
i thought i understood what troubles are.
i was without understanding.
Then things happened
and i experienced some.
I then thought i had suffered enough,
but that was my pride,
because i did not understand.
Then i thought i had enough troubles,
but i was mistaken,
for i looked only to myself
and not to this world,
not seeing what others suffered.
Now i see better,
tho i will never say enough.
Oh, i truly did suffer,
but it was only a small taste,
of what this world has to offer.
i had and still have troubles,
but not that much,
only a small morsel...

A friend told me once:
"i cried because i had no shoes
and then i saw a man with no feet"

i think i am beginning to understand.

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