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Saturday, July 30, 2016


and then some one told me i ponder Everything.
They are correct, you know...
I do that.
I look at the world
and wonder what it is i see.
I talk with some one
and the conversation does not leave.
i hear something,
i read some thing
and it strikes me deep
and i wonder
and i ponder.
I have been in this place,
in this state of pondering,
for weeks
and it does not allow me to post...
i am thinking!
I know it will continue on
and do not see an end in sight.

I leave this post with a quote,
the latest one to cause me to reflect:
from the Archbishop of Minnesota of the Greek Orthodox Church;
Salvation according to Orthodox theology is not the state of "I have arrived. I have made it. I am saved." Rather, it is the state of "I am on the way. I am moving, I am growing in God, for God, with God, and through the power of God.

This resonates deeply with me and causes me to ponder more.

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