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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Another Restaurant reviews - Tacos NEZA

While i am working on my "stuff", i am finding my self looking for places to eat out.
My standby for Mexican food i was familiar with was Tacos Guadalajara, but after 35 years in Stamford, they had to retire,
but turned it over to a new restaurant person -Victor Trujillo and so a new place was born.
When i go out, i look for simple, home style food,
from place not near here... That is why soul tasty was on my list and there is one more,
but i digress...
i wanted a taste of this style Mexican food (there are like 7 or more regions, each with its own style)
A customer recommended the Cuban Torta (a sandwich not so different than a Panini, but better)
Hold the presses!
This was probably the best "sandwich" i have ever had!
The taste was different than my "traditional" Mexican food,
I expected this and so i was even more pleasantly surprised and just how good it was!
I looked at the menu and saw a number of must tries...
and so...
to all my American friends, this is a must try and enjoy!
Expect it to be different than standard "Mexican" fare that we are used to...
Enjoy it, you do not want to pass this place up!

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