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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why is it so difficult?

A picture is worth a thousand words -
This picture taken less than 6 months after my operation
and less than 3 weeks after the second mishap,
shows me smiling
and laughing
and enjoying life.
Most of my pictures are like that,
when did it change?
For now i feel dour,
and it seems i refer to this incident, now
as my ordeal,
rather than the adventure,
which i labeled it back than.
I have been working out my attitude,
for it is not good.
The everyday strugle of life,
has been turned into a mountain,
instead of the mole hill that it is.
I, sigh
and say, "Again?"
Instead of exclaiming with JOY,
So i am looking to strike deep at my attitude,
embrace it
and change.
You heard me correctly,
unless we acknowledge the truth that is in us,
we can not change.
This post is to begin that change
and now i am certain it will happen.

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