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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

so...what happened?

careful, i wish to choose my words,
for to use the wrong ones,
would make everything sound flippant.
I was careful,
Answers did not come tumbling out of the sky,
but formed deep with in my soul.
I had been complaining....
every pain,
every problem,
every struggle,
seem so insurmountable
and i did want to give up,
but that could not happen.
I was looking so hard at the struggles,
that every sway,
every mistake.
every pain,
became a vast ocean,
for me to drown my self in.
I manage to forget the good,
by dwelling on the bad.
My physical issues,
have not changed,
my vision issues,
have not changed,
my memory issues have not changed,
but i have
and all those issues are lessened by an incredible degree.
So for this part of my adventure,
i am at peace again.
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