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Monday, August 29, 2016


The sun's tendrils of light have just reached the sky
and i open my eyes.
There is the normal confusion of sight,
with too many images occurring at once,
but it no longer bothers me.
i and wiping away the last vestige,
of darkness and dreams from my mind.
Persons from the past,
now long gone,
visit me
and many times i wonder...
What would have been,
if this and so were not so
and we were still together?
These are haunting dreams which plague us all.
i want to caress those dreams some times,
holding fast to the what ifs,
that can never be.
i am fully awake now,
as i don my glasses,
the ones that bring the unruly images, 
of my disparate vision, together.
The darkness leaves
and the sun shines fully
and those shadows,
which touched my soul, during sleep,
are gone

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