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Friday, September 30, 2016

the outlook changes

it is my attitude that is changing,
not my circumstance
and it came out of my mouth,
without warning.
I remembered something,
concerning someone else
and they were surprised.
From my mouth came positive words,
"It is because i know what it is to lose memory,
that i now cherish every thing i do remember."
Positive words
and they cam from my heart,
i did not think them out
and i was surprised.
For eight years,
i struggled with what i had lost,
not counting the blessing of what i had.
it is now i find the joy,
coming from each thing that i lost,
to cherish those things that now exist.
A breath,
a memory,
a thought,
a site
and a taste...
each are precious
and i do not know why it took so long,
but i am here.
I am glad
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