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Friday, October 7, 2016

what to do

for so much of my life,
i used my eyes to tell me waht was going on.
I could see well
and along with smell,
many secrets were unlocked...
but not all.
Some eight years ago,
my eye sight was taken away
and replaced with ,
well something different than eyesight.
For awhile,
i lost my cognitive processes as well
and i went to a special place,
a place few people know of
and fewer experience...
A place of "seeing" with the heart
and what wonders there are to behold there...
but alas,
my mind returned,
with all of its reason
and my eyesight, kin of returned,
tho changed in an indescribable manner.
I slowly forgot about "seeing" with my heart,
for the other senses seemed so ready,
to give me answers.
I lost something precious
and strange words,
which tumble from my heart,
were all that was left.
Times change,
things change
and my eyesight has improved
and are coupled with a greater sense of
and smell
and touch,
but all together do not equal ,
what i saw with my heart.
I am not complaining,
for all i must do is
still my mind
and listen,
not with my ear (not a typo),
but with my heart
and that world opens up again...
you should try it also!

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