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Friday, November 11, 2016

awake this morning

i am awake this morning
and clear-headed.
The muse is strong,
whispering in my ear.
A friend friend,
who all the doctors say is dying,
told several people that "he is going home next week".
I now believe what it means,
for we are similar,
he and i,
for we have been to the other side
and come back to live again.
Each of us have handled life differently,
but in the reality,
the different manners,
are the same.
I am to see him today,
yet again
and he is not a pretty site,
his organs are failing
and is gaunt and shriveled.The view of him,
upset my 81 year old priest,
who has seen a lot in his time.
Yet here I am,
doing what i can at this time.
It seems to happen often to me,
see ing those i love pass on,
but all of this is only temporary
and so i will send him off with all my love.
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