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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Simple Things - reflections

As i was making my bed,
after washing all the sheets and such,
I froze in my tracks,
It was 8 years ago,
about this time,
after coming out of the 2 month stay in the hospital.
After the "shunt" was placed in me,
to reduce the swelling in my head.
i was home
and slowly i began to lose,
what i call cognition.
My brain no longer was functioning
and i was in the midst,
of learning still one more lesson.
I stopped as i complete my task,
just yesterday
and marveled
and was thankful,
for it was 8 years ago,
i forgot how to even "fix" the bed,
after a night sleep.
Those simple things,
that once i could not do,
I am able to do again
and i am reminded,
that we must always be thankful for the little things!

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