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Friday, November 25, 2016

i have seen...

It is fitting that i post this now, after a day of thanksgiving for what we have...

i have seen,
the bars that imprison us,
that are of our own making.
These bars pretend to separate us,
from each other,
but they are of our own making.
I have seen the light tendrils,
that link each of us to each other,
that reach through those bars
and those tendrils,
are not of our making.
Something greater connects us,
than what separates us,
but we try to ignore them.
Those bars,
from our deepest fears,
form an imaginary live,
one we think can not be crossed.
but it can.
To allow those chains
and bars
and prisons,
to release us,
requires our free will.
allow that light to come through
our imaginary walls
and see that we are all connected.
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