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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The power of blogging

i did not say the importance
or the fun,
but the power...why?
I have been blogging now more than 8 years
and in those 8 years,
i have connected with people from all over the world.
Again, note, i said connected,
because that is what blogging does,
we share a part of us when we blog,
we write or interests,
our desires,
our questions
and, most importantly,
our hearts.
and even google +,
have all come
and they are fun
and allow us to see many pieces,
but they are not intimately showing someones heart.
Some use the various blogs,
to promote business
and sponsor items they like,
it still shows heart.
So i engage in all of the above,
but i always come back to blogging,
it is that important.
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