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Friday, January 27, 2017

Strong like a bull

it has been many years since i heard that phrase,
uttered in a broad Haitian accent,
which was used to speaking creole,
not english.
and this person was not a doctor,
not a Physicians assistant,
nor a nurse,
not even a nurses aid...
he was only some one God chose,
at that moment,
to reaffirm that strength,
that i had been given.
I do not normally write this time of day,
late in the evening (for me),
but those words echoed in my head,
all day long
and no longer could i ignore them.
Those few words,
spoken by someone,
this world considered insignificant,
gave me hope
and gave me life.
They echo in my head because,
those words still HELP!
I have met others who were
and are,
strong like a bull...
my mother,
who was so active until she was 88 years old.
My neighbor,
who is 92 and still tills her own garden
and many others,
but these are notable.
They keep reminding me,
to keep moving forward,
until we can not any more.

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