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Friday, February 3, 2017

i have been trying to understand

No, i never do "politics,

I love being with people.
I love being alone.
Are they truly opposites,
or simply different sides of the same coin?

I have accepted all the things that have happened to me,
even tho i struggle to accept the condition it has left me.

Some one read something to me,
from something i was very familiar with,
yet presented in a different way.
The story was of someone who was considered great,
Paul of Tarsis,
some 2000 years ago.
He had a handicap,
which is rarely spoken of
and the interpretation said he was thankful for this issue,
and considered it a gift.
That is too much for me,
yet the person who spoke these words to me,
has lived with a significant handicap,
all of his life
and i have struggled only 8 plus years.

A gift,
 that is running through my mind constantly now.

Along with other challenges to the way i think
or feel.

There is nothing more but growth in front of me
and i shall continue on.

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