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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Smells and bells, today and yesteryear

i walked into church today
and there was an unmistakable aroma of incense.
It happens at times,
for this is a "high" episcopal church,
anglo-catholic by name,
but today, the incense transported me back,
to my childhood
and in my mind,
from those memories long ago,
two or three cantors,
sing songing words,
in a language i did not understand,
back and forth
and it was HOLY.
For those who do not know,
i was raised in a Greek Orthodox tradition,
but never learned the language.
Others filed in, remarking on the same incense aroma.
The service was typical
and mostly unremarkable,
save one song,
that i knew by heart,
from another Episcopal church in Houston,
and the sermon.
The song, memorized in my heart
from the services at the church of the Redeemer,
a renewed, charismatic, community traditional (?) church,
help me begin my spiritual journey.
The sermon..
Father Gage is not like most Episcopal priests,
as he puts it,
for he puts it plainly,
mocks the Anglican upiness
and talks about he and all christians,
saving souls,
in how we live
and speak
and have our being.

It was powerful to me.
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