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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Boy am I Slow

Just Started this and it takes me weeks to post...been seeing too many of the damn ticks to cold for me but not for them.
Lots of Well water coming in...most is really good...to many people get sold things they shouldn't
Saw a protest yesterday couldn't make out the signs till late...Save our schools...boy the budget comes out and everyone wants to protect all those very high paid assistant to the vice principles (Where did I Go wrong?)
The stae has declared bed bugs a minor problem, Bully for them, let them be in some of the place in Stamford with them- we had a lot of complaints last year!
O well I'll probably relax at the end of the week at Twenty, my favorite hang out at least till about 12:300...then it gets to crowded and I am not a big fan of hip hop.
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