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Friday, May 9, 2008

The system does NOT work-part 1

I was not sure If I was going to post this or not and it might take some time to compose.
The system is broken - a friend had a small kitchen fire in her apartment, not super bad, but the fire department was called and then the health department. I was going to take a picture, but did not and should have. a 1 ft section above the stove was black, a small portion of the ceiling was black, a window pane was cracked and the interior portion broken and a portion of the frame was black. That was it, not 'fire' damage per say, no water damage. A Cockatiel sitting in its cage in the kitchen was not harmed. The Health Department came, they called the owner of the unit (who was a cousin of the tenant) and they condemned the unit. The rooms where they slept were not damaged. She does have 3 children (the youngest is 9). The owner told the Health Department person that they would take care of putting her up until repairs were done. The Health department left.
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