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Friday, August 1, 2008

More interesting musings

I had to step back and think a moment after my last post and I wondered why I was even phased by this whole uproar. Thank you for all your words of support, but there is even more reality going on here and anon got me to think.
First off the things I write about when it comes to health and environmental issues - I am the considered authority in Stamford on the subjects - The USEPA acknowledges it with the beaches, the State of CT acknowledges it for beaches and shellfish testing. They know I go beyond what I am supposed to. Area town and well persons and septic installers rely heavily on my expertise when it comes to tracking down bacteria pollution issue. All calls on bats and rabies get sent to the lab and most of the time me because I know what I am talking about. Insects are brought to me for ID and If I can't do it, I send them to the agricultural experiment station. I am the one who IDs bed bugs and ticks (I do not do the housing code portion of bed bugs). Well water people talk to me. I write the messages about such things on the Labs website. It is my voice talking about beach closures, shellfish bed status, mosquitoes and ticks on the Health Department Hot line.
I am not trying to be arrogant, but I have spent a long time to get as good as I am studying about each of these topics. I have great resources when I don't know the answer.
So for me to feel the least bit squeamish about writing about any of these is beyond ridiculous.
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