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Monday, August 4, 2008

The old/new trend in city government – Robots in the work place

In a far away land there lived a society and in the society there were the quars who knew nothing, but ran everything and the mures, who knew everything, but ran nothing.

The quars were for the most part good people who really wanted what was best, but relied on the mures to get things done.

The society was not evil or bad, it merely was and sometimes it was also good.

Rules were created by juers, who sometimes were quars and sometimes were mures, but they were elected and there were a great many elected at a time and they would meet together and form these rules.

There were also ztis, who lived in this society and sometimes they were juers and sometimes they were quars and sometimes they were mures.

Occasionally a mure would take their knowledge and do something very positive with it and the ztis would understand and be happy.

But something happened and slowly the quars became unhappy and because they were the ones who were suppose to made things happen. And resources became streched and then almost non-existent.

Then the mures began to be punished when they did something that help the ztis and the mures became afraid.

Because of this fear there was a strange transformation and the mures would just do exactly as they were told always and they began to change. Slowly the mures stopped thinking and their bodies became hard and metallic. They stopped knowing things and no longer knew anything and everyone suffered!

The ztis would complain to the quars, the quars would complain to the juers and the mures went on their way, not thinking and not feeling, doing only what they were told, no more and no less and the society became unhappy always.

Of course this is only fiction, Isn't it???
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