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Friday, September 19, 2008

Home Now

So I have been hone since tuesday -2 whole days and some.
I have been doing a lot walking all over a bit of weeding and cooking twice.. for everyone in the house.
Then the physical therapist came yesterday.
I thought I was doing a lot..I was more than when in the hospital, even with the PT.
Well she had me walk down our small street down a another street (which is downhill) and of course back again.. I was tired mid way on my street back, but she didn't stop there, no then she had me go up and down all three stairs in our house. So last night I slept.
Now one thing she said that actually cheered me, because I have had such a hard time getting into things at home, too tired, too weak. She said people lose their strength after 3 days in bed rest, I was out 6 weeks, I guess I should be thankful I can do as much as I can.
The same questions about the eyes and the prism glasses..the same answer, the eyes are vacillating to much ( as is the swelling in the back of my head) and time they would be good would be very short. Sometimes there are times when I can see single vision for 4 feet, then it deteriorates, but change is good.
All in all it is good to be home.
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