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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Or Rather the like there in. I don't have it. I walk down a stairs and around back and I get back up stairs, I am exhausted. I trim some grass and pick 2 of 7 tomatos, I must sit down. At this point I feel clumbsy on my feet, but I must puch myself, cause that is the only way to get better. I actually am doing the excersizes the therapist gave me to do, but I still am tired. I could not keep going without the people in my household, but sometimes they are too helpful, I need to do things on my own.
I had a wonderful treat last night, one of the people from work, who is a massage therapist in her own country came over and help my mom. Her kindness was eveident, she brought her to youngest, extremely well behaved children, who happen to love our dog. We invited her dinner and it wasn't my best, it was okay. Then we gave her a ride home, she had walk from her place. Her kindness will not be forgotten. And the eneergy of her visit lasted. Do I have another angel looking after me???
I felt that it was a repayment of my many kindnesses, cause there have been many people I have tried to help in any way I could.
Again I am thankful for all these kind people in my life.
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